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Wednesday 20th Nov 2013

Opening Mass Videos

VII Cursillo World Encounter Theme
Friendship through Him, with Him,
in Him the Heart of the Charism”

Thursday 21st Nov 2013
Morning Prayers – Meditation – GLCC - Spanish

Introduction of Countries

Talk 1. Friendship – Kathy Knix – English

Country Reports – APG – GECC

Daily Mass – Spanish

Thursday Night Prayers

  • Video – 7 mins – 34 mb

Talk 1 – Friendship – Kathy Knix of Brisbane

Thursday Mass

Thursday Group Reports

Friday 22nd November 2013

Talk 2. Through Him, with Him & in Him – Fr Adrian Farrelly

Recognition of dignitaries

Friday Daily Mass

Vote To Change Statutes

This external link re Canon Law “may help” viewers to follow Fr Adrian.

VII World Encounter Fiesta

VII World Encounter MP4 DVD now available
80 + MP4 Videos – 16+ Hrs
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Saturday 23rd November 2013

Talk 3 – The Heart of The Charism

  • no video file (technical issues)

  • doc in English (waiting)

  • doc in Spanish (waiting)

  • I will upload any authorised translations into any language as National Secretariats provide

  • audio file Spanish TBA

  • audio file English TBA

World Encounter Votes To proceed with Changes To “Fundamentals”

OMCC Meeting

  • short video of participants under construction

  • doc downloads (waiting) – will provide link to OMCC website as downloads become available

Australian Secretariat Meeting

  • short video of participants under construction

  • document downloads (waiting)

National Ultreya – celebrating 50 years of Cursillo in Australia
hosted by the Australian National Secretariat

Sunday 24th November 2013

VII Cursillo World Encounter Final Session

Handing over banner to incoming OMCC Members
th Nov 2013 – St Leo's College – Brisbane Australia

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